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Our wines are created as an homage to the memorable moment of a triumph of freedom.

360° Sustentable

Echoing the values of General San Martín, we work with passion and commitment to sustainable actions.

La Consulta adheres to the 360º Sustentable commitment developed by VSPT Wine Group, which calls for sustainable management in every action of ours. We concern ourselves with every audience: community, environment, workers, clients, and consumers; assuring that our present actions will prolong our work in the future.

Part of this commitment are essential concerns for the success of an enterprise in the nutrition industry: client satisfaction and product quality and safety. This is complemented by care for the environment and the promotion of the health and safety of our workers.


At La Consulta, responsiblity in care for the enviroment is a way of life. It's one of the cornerstones of how we manage and direct our employees. We engage in practices such as: following management guidelines, reducing consumption of renewable resources, composting organic residue (grinding down wastes and maintaining gardens), using light ecological bottles, managing other wastes (agrochemical containers, hazardous wastes, electronic wastes), and preserving biological corridors (autochthonous flora and fauna).


Since 2006, the company has provided a daycare on the property of the bodega to care for children of permanent and temporary workers during harvest. The daycare is also open to the community in general and to the children of workers on neighboring properties.

Food Bank of Uco Valley

More than 20 local businesses coordinate their efforts through La Consulta to distribute food and exchange supplies with other food banks throughout the country.

This program benefits more than 3000 people. 50 institutions participate, including children's cafeterias, daycare centers, orphanages, and elderly care facilities.

Wine Tourism

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Planning a visit? Tell us when, and we'll find you a place.

Posada La Celia

Posada La Celia offers an organized tour in which guests experience the vineyards and the old wine cellar in the company of renowned enologists, then enjoy a technical tasting of premier varietals accompanied by a selection of cheeses and house-made breads.

Posada La Celia is an old house built in 1931, declared in 2008 a Historical and Cultural Landmark of Argentina's Winemaking, along with the wine cellar and vineyard. Today it is a warm and exclusive country abode of five bedrooms, equipped with everything to offer guests a pleasant rest in unique Uco Valley.

Five double rooms equipped with: Private bath, Buffet breakfast, Restaurant, Sandwich menu, Mini bar, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, Pool, Bicycles, Transfer from Mendoza.



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Circunvalación Celia Bustos de Quiroga 374, Eugenio Bustos, (5569) San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina.

T./F. +54 2622 4510 10/12

Offices Mendoza

Avda. San Martín 972, 3er piso, (5500) Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina.

T. +54 261 4134 400 / F. +54 261 4134 422